Quickly manage your yard, pasture or garden with an ATV sprayer.

atv sprayer for weed control on lawns, gardens or fence lines. click image to learn more.
FIMCO 15 gallon ATV Sprayer
  • Perfect for applying fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers
  • Excellent attachment to effortlessly spray gardens, fence lines, food plots, turf and pastures
  • Pump valves designed for faster priming, better performance and longer life
  • Attaches easily to the rear rack on most 4 wheelers or place in the bed of your UTV
  • With or without booms available
  • Complete with spray gun wand attachment

ATV Sprayer Specs:

  • 15 and 25 gallon tanks available
  • Powered by 12v battery
  • Quick on/off inline spray valve
  • Spray 5.5 gallons per minute

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