How to Measure a Boat for a Cover

how to measure for boat covers
Measurements needed for your boat covers.

Don’t always rely on the manufacturer’s advertised length; you’ll want to measure it yourself to get the most accurate length for the proper size cover.

You will need:

  • Tape measure up to 50 feet
  • Paper and pencil to write the measurements down
  • A helper to hold one end of the tape measure

Step 1.

Measure from middle of the front of your boat in the straightest line possible to the rear. Make sure to include anything that sticks out past the end like the ladder or engine. This is your centerline length.

Step 2.

Measure the widest part of the left side to the widest part of the right side to get the beam width. This is your width.

And that’s it! It’s always preferred to have a cover fit more snug than too loose, which can be susceptible to wind flapping.

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