Protect your high priced boats from the sun, rain, snow and wind.

carport 10x20 heavy duty to park your car or truck or boat under.
Advance Outdoor 10×20 Steel Frame Carport

Mother nature can be nasty and hard on anything stored outside. A boat carport for will protect your high priced investment from the elements, keep the resale value up and future maintenance costs down.

  • Protection from UV rays can that can harm the exterior paint and ruin the dash and upholstery
  • Guards against rain and snow
  • Easy to back into or drive thru
  • Quick to set up and take down – use only for the summer months
  • Shade keeps the surface 20 degrees cooler
  • Multiple uses – store cars, trucks or use as a picnic area
  • Inexpensive solution for homes without garages
  • Save $$$ by avoiding yearly storage rental fees
  • Portable – can take it with you if you move
  • Use with a boat cover for even more protection

Enclosed Boat Carports