Grilling gazebo allows for year around comfort cooking your favorite barbecued food. Extend your grilling season.

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ABCCANOPY 8’x 5′ Grilling Gazebo
  • Safe to barbecue in year around
  • Grill out of direct sunlight and UV rays
  • Equipped with LED lights for night time grilling
  • Open sides allows for smoke to easily escape
  • Easily grill in the light rain or snow
  • Waterproof and windproof

Grilling Gazebo Specifications:

grilling gazebo by cobana. click image to buy on
COBANA Grillling Gazebo
  • Alloy steel powder coated frame
  • Water proofed roof
  • Typical size 5’x8′ (40 sq. ft.)
  • Handy side rails to hang utensils
  • Can be a permanent or temporary grill station No annoying ads. No email sign up. Just find what you’re searching for.