Keep your RV looking clean and crisp. RV Covers protect your travel trailer from mother nature’s harsh conditions.

RV cover for travel trailers. King Bird brand available for sale.
KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover
  • Protects the roof from harmful UV rays and moisture
  • Water/snow/wind/hail resistant
  • Prevents scratches and minor dings
  • Keeps unwanted finger and hand prints OFF your trailer
  • Eliminates dust buildup
  • Save $$$ by avoiding storage rental fees
  • Keeps the interior from getting excessively hot in the summer
  • Shields your travel trailer from bird poop, falling leaves and twigs

Travel Trailer Covers


  • Made of 6 protective layers
  • Soft under liner that won’t scratch the exterior paint or graphics
  • Breathable material prevents condensation under the cover
  • Wheel covers included
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty
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