Make your life easier and spa time more enjoyable with a hot tub cover lift.

hot tub cover lift available for sale on Puritech under mount lift.
Puri Tech Under Mount Spa Cover Lift
  • Effortlessly remove hot tub cover with one person
  • Can open hot tub cover only half way
  • Great for people with shoulder or wrist problems
  • No more pulling expensive cover off and potentially damaging it
  • Eliminates need to place wet cover somewhere while using it
  • Safe and convenient cover storage

Hot Tub Cover Lift Features:

  • Mounts to the sides or slides under the tub (when empty)
  • Made of durable coated aluminum tubing & stainless steel hardware reducing oxidation over time
  • Requires 18 inches of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on each side
  • Not available for round hot tubs No annoying ads. No email sign ups. Just find what you’re searching for.