How to Measure Truck Rims

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Don’t always rely on the manufacturer’s advertised measurements; you’ll want to measure it yourself to get the most accurate measurements for the proper size truck rim.

You will need:how to measure truck rims

  • Tape measure
  • Paper and pencil to write the measurements down
  • Diameter
  • Width
  • Offset
  • Backspacing

Step 1. Diameter

Measure from the inside to inside of the bead seat. Do not measure from outer edge to outer edge. This is your diameter.

Step 2. Width

Measure from the inside of the rim bead flange to the  opposite bead flange. This is your width.

Step 3. Offsethow to measure truck rims for offset wheels.

Offset is the distance between the rim centerline to the actual flat mounting surface where the rim comes contact with the hub.

Step 4. Backspacing

Set a straight edge level across the backside of the rim. Measure from the inside flat mounting surface to the outer lip of your wheels (to the straight edge). This is your backspace measurement.

And that’s it! Now you have the proper measurements for your truck rims to buy the same exact size or to upgrade to larger ones.

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  1. Your site offers a wealth of information on vehicles of all kinds. Great site!

    This post is straight and to the point. I like that. Especially since I am completely unfamiliar with the topic. I didn’t have to wade through an ocean of information to find how to measure rims.

    Is the post aimed at people wanting new rims? Or is it also useful somehow when choosing tires? I’m assuming rims since I could just look at my tires to get info for tire replacement.

    The diagrams are perfect. The only measurement that didn’t have a diagram was “backspacing”, and if you could provide readers with one it would be perfect, in my opinion. I cannot visualize what you are describing otherwise! Just don’t know enough about rims.

    Good luck with your site! I think it’s going to do great.

    • Thank you for reading my post and for your great advice! Yep, it’s for customers wanting to learn how to measure their truck rims to purchase new ones in the same exact size. Or to see what size they currently have if they would like to go with bigger truck rims.

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